Street Food Paradise

We have two fantastic street food stands at The Ship. Keep in touch on Facebook to see when they are open.

Rubs Tickles and Hugs Smokehouse founder Matt has been travelling the world trying the best bbq there is to offer. Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Florida to name a few. Rubs Tickles and Hugs brings all that flavour, smoke, heat and passion back to the UK and add's it's own signature twist. Pork shoulder, brisket, short rib and the signature smash burger will always leave you wanting for more. Days are spent smoking the meat so that you can finish it in minutes but they the chef's don't mind because they feel it will be the best flavour you have ever experienced.

Luigi Pizza's Pizzaiolos prepare mouth watering artisan pizzas daily. Dough is proved daily at The Ship by baked to a perfect texture in The Ship's authentic Italian wood fired Pizza Oven. In The Ship's beer garden you'll be able to see your Pizza being cooked in our very own Italian Pizza Oven Van 'Giovanni', a three wheeler Ape van with a Wood Fired Forni Dorigo pizza oven mounted inside. 

The Ship, Established 1580, Marlow's Oldest Pub

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